Holiday Shopping



This is not fun.


Thoughts of Black Friday are usually filled with waking up at 5am, waiting in the cold outside of some retail store only to have that deal you were looking for snatched away from you by some mean middle aged women.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Plenty of online retailers offer Black Friday deals too, and instead of standing outside in the cold being shoved around by strangers you can sit in the comfort of your own home and hit the refresh button on your browser a thousand times.

There are various websites that give you the run-down on Black Friday retail ads and deals. Also plenty of stores have started deals early so you can get some good deals before November 27th.

Amazon usually offers good deals on Black Friday and any online store will usually offer some sales the day after Thanksgiving, just make sure you do your research and are actually getting a deal.



Verizon and Motorola officially confirmed the Droid will be releasing on Verizon’s network on Friday November 6th for $199, with a contract and a $100 mail in rebate of course. Reviews and impressions have been flooding in and have been as favorable as many anticipated.

Basically if you’re a Verizon customer and in the market for a smartphone you would be ill-advised to purchase anything but the droid.

Of course as with any other smartphone a data plan is necessary for the Droid, which will cost anyone upgrading from a non smart-phone extra.

Verizon plans on opening its stores pretty early on November 6th, so plan on getting up before the sun comes out if you want a Droid on launch day.

I wish I had money



If your shopping for a new HDTV on the smaller side, you’re not going to find a better deal than this

A 32″ Panasonic Viera 720p LCD that is normally $649.99 for $389.99 with free shipping.

courtesy of Newegg.com newsletter, which I suggest anyone that buys technology subscribe to because they always have great deals, e.g. this one.

Panasonic is one of the best HDTV panel makers on the market; though they normally are known for their plasma technology their LCD’s receive similar praise.

Also it comes with an Ipod dock that let’s you play your music/watch videos on the TV.

Someone needs to buy this TV, so I can live vicariously through them. If we weren’t in the middle of the fall video game release extravaganza and I wasn’t poor this thing would have already been bought…by me.

Dorm Room Home Theater

Living in a college dorm room or apartment has its benefits, but not when it comes to having a nice home theater set-up. Especially for a college student strapped for cash, buying a 50 inch LED back-lit LCD TV is not a feasible option for most. However there are ways to achieve a nice simple set-up in a confined space.

The easiest, and most likely cheapest way to enjoy HD games and movies is an HD pc monitor.

PC Monitors are perfect for smaller setups. Most newer monitors come with HDMI so that you can hook up gaming consoles like a PS3 or Xbox 360 and play all of your HD games and movies. Many people use their laptops along with a second monitor as a gaming setup/second display. I personally use a Samsung monitor as a second display to extend my desktop for my aim buddy list and sweet new Windows 7 gadgets.

Dell makes excellent monitors as does Samsung, shop around and find some monitors with good reviews.

Even smaller HDTV’s work very well in a small set up, a very common setup is to have your main PC/laptop with a second display and a small 26-32″ HDTV. You can get a very nice 26 or even 32 inch HDTV for a reasonable price these days. Vizio is a very respected budget HDTV brand, you can get a Vizio 32″ LCD for <$500.

As any home theater or techy knows, sound is just as important as video and a proper sound system (7.1 in a dorm room is a bit overboard) can make a world of difference.

Logitech makes very good surround sound set ups that work well in smaller spaces. Even though designed for PC use, speaker set ups like the Z-5500 have digital optical ports for gaming systems.

Headphones are another good alternative. A good quality set of headphones is not only pleasing, but won’t’ wake up your roommate. Sennhesier is at the top of the list when it comes to quality headphones, albeit expensive. There are cheaper alternatives that can still get you good quality sound, Plantronics for example.

Whether a PC monitor or budget HDTV, a good home theater setup is possible in a smaller dorm room/apartment style living space, it is just a matter of finding the right equipment at the right price.

photo via switched.com

photo via switched.com

An Australian University believes that their journalism students should learn how to use twitter, and if they don’t they will learn in a new mandatory class for it.

Griffith University has added a required course to their journalism curriculum that teaches students how to write better ‘tweets’.

Talk about jumping the gun, and who is going to teach this course? I’m sure most students know more about twitter than any would be “twitter professor.”

Hey, I guess it’s no worse than puppetry

The much rumored about Motorola Sholes seems to now be officially called the “Droid” by Verizon, who’s “iDont” ads suggest they’re lining up the Droid as an Iphone competitor. The hype over this thing is going to overflow the dump-truck that is the internet.

(warning geek talk) I mean this thing has it all, a Verizon touch-screen QWERTY slider with Wi-fi running Android 2.0? Sign me up.


Read Boy Genius Report hands on here


Just as the Iphone dominates the Smartphone market, so does the Ipod touch when it comes to portable media players. However there’s a new challenger to the Ipod touch’s position as the best PMP on the market, the Zune HD.

Although Microsoft is not focusing on making an Iphone competitor anytime soon, ever since the launch of the first Zune in 2006 they have been trying to grab some of that portable market share from apple.

So is the Zune HD worth a look if you’re buying a new MP3 player?

See for yourself:

Digital Trends :




The consensus across the board seems to favor the Zune HD as a Media player and the Ipod Touch as an all around entertainment device.

Digital trends sums up this view nicely:

“Taken solely as a personal media player, the Zune HD outshines the iPod Touch in many ways. It’s lighter, brighter, well-engineered, solid, and if you want to pump 720p movies to your home high-def set, the Touch simply cannot compete. But for those who see the iPod Touch as more of a blank slate than a purpose-built PMP, and intend to use it as such, the Zune HD comes nowhere close to replacing the sheer flexibility and utility of Apple’s wonder box. And for those folks, 75,000 apps in the App Store may as well be 75,000 different reasons not to buy the Zune HD. But we didn’t come here to treat the Zune HD as a wannabe PDA, and with the categories rated as such, the Zune HD simply makes a better device.
As an all-around entertainment machine and productivity device, Apple’s iPod Touch remains the reigning champion of the touch screen.

For someone with no interesting in piddling around with apps, looking solely for the ultimate personal media player, the Zune HD truly makes a better buy.”

So, if you want a new MP3 player, seriously consider the Zune HD.