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Windows 7 Mobile

Microsoft finally decided the time was right. After remaining content with its absence from the competitive smartphone market the Redmond based company finally unveiled its newest mobile phone operating system today at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Ever since the release of the Iphone companies such as Palm, Google, and RIM have been trying to play catch up and have only recently had success. However Microsoft has remained quiet and sat seemingly disinterested on the sidelines as windows mobile is slowly fading away.

That is until recently when rumors started circulating that Windows 7 mobile would be Microsoft’s latest attempt at reinventing themselves in the mobile space.

Available in “Holiday 2010” and officially titled Windows Phone 7 Series the reinvigoration of windows in your pocket has the tech world abuzz.


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I wish I had money



If your shopping for a new HDTV on the smaller side, you’re not going to find a better deal than this

A 32″ Panasonic Viera 720p LCD that is normally $649.99 for $389.99 with free shipping.

courtesy of Newegg.com newsletter, which I suggest anyone that buys technology subscribe to because they always have great deals, e.g. this one.

Panasonic is one of the best HDTV panel makers on the market; though they normally are known for their plasma technology their LCD’s receive similar praise.

Also it comes with an Ipod dock that let’s you play your music/watch videos on the TV.

Someone needs to buy this TV, so I can live vicariously through them. If we weren’t in the middle of the fall video game release extravaganza and I wasn’t poor this thing would have already been bought…by me.

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The Big Red is stepping up its phone game.

The Big Red is stepping up its phone game.

It’s no secret that when it comes to US cell phone carriers, Verizon wireless is king. Not having Verizon is to be out of the loop. What?! You have AT&T? How am I supposed to tell if you got my texts, there’s no check mark!?

However when it comes to its actual phone lineup the king isn’t really the king.

Verizon has consistently lost exclusivity deals on shiny new phones to competitor carriers. The most obvious being the Iphone and AT&T. It doesn’t stop with Apple’s baby though. The Palm Pre is exclusive to Sprint for the time being; even T-mobile and the G1 scored the first Android phone before Verizon. RIM and their Blackberry(s) are Verizon’s only real heavy hitters in the Smartphone market. Even so their flagship phone on Verizon, the Storm, did not impress.

Verizon’s focus over the years has consistently been on its network as opposed to its actual phones, and recently the Basking Ridge NJ based company has pretty much admitted that the network is their priority.

Oh how things can change quickly.

The Palm Pre is widely regarded as one of the only Iphone competitors and it’s coming to Verizon early next year.

Verizon and Google have partnered to bring Android devices to the carrier, starting with the Motorola Sholes and HTC’s Hero.

The new Blackberry Storm 2 is releasing this holiday on Verizon and has been met with much more favorable reviews than its predecessor.

Even the Iphone won’t be exclusive to AT&T forever, and now Verizon customers finally have some phones to be excited about in the coming months.

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Not finding many uses for your .edu email? Well here’s one, get Windows 7 Home Premium for $29.99.

Too good to be true?

Too good to be true?

It’s simple, go to this link enter your .edu email address and get what would normally be a $119.99 upgrade to Home Premium for $29.99.

I know. What’s the catch, right? Well there is none really, it is an upgrade version of Windows 7 which just means that you have to have a previous version of Windows installed on your computer already. (ie you cannot use it to install on a computer with no OS)

I have tried the Windows 7 open beta as well as the release candidate and can say that this is definitely an upgrade over Vista; all Windows 7 reviews so far have been extremely positive making this deal worth considering.

Engadget Review

Gizmodo Review

Cnet Review

You have until January 3rd to decide though so no rush.

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