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Good Dealz


Looking for a new monitor for your dorm/apartment perhaps?

This Samsung 2494sw 24″ 1080p Monitor with HDMI is on sale for $189.99 with a Logitech keyboard and mouse thrown in for good measure.

Normally $279.99, just be sure to use coupon code 8G2FHZ?KVLC1FD

edit: turns out this monitor does not have HDMI, but you can easily find a DVI to HDMI cable on the cheap


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Netflix Streaming

netflixEveryone knows about Netflix and their signature red envelopes, though no one like waiting for their DVDs to be delivered through the mail.

Little known fact, you don’t have to wait.

In addition to their DVD/Blu ray delivery via mail Netlix also streams movies and TV shows over the internet to your computer, and starting with the $8.99/month plan you get unlimited usage of the streaming service.

You do need a high speed internet connection, and the selection of movies and TV shows available for streaming is not nearly as robust as the actual physical DVD selection that you can have mailed to you, but the watch instantly selection is constantly being updated.

Also, you don’t have to sit at your computer desk to watch movies. Many different devices support Netflix streaming as well so you can still watch whatever you want on your TV.

Supported Devices include:

Roku Digital Video Player

Playstation 3

Xbox 360


Also supported Blu ray players and even some TV’s have Netflix streaming support built into them.

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The First ever Collech Podcast is here! We talk about the Droid coming out on Verizon and smartphones in general with regards to college students.

Download Brian DeRose - Collech Podcast

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Holiday Shopping



This is not fun.


Thoughts of Black Friday are usually filled with waking up at 5am, waiting in the cold outside of some retail store only to have that deal you were looking for snatched away from you by some mean middle aged women.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Plenty of online retailers offer Black Friday deals too, and instead of standing outside in the cold being shoved around by strangers you can sit in the comfort of your own home and hit the refresh button on your browser a thousand times.

There are various websites that give you the run-down on Black Friday retail ads and deals. Also plenty of stores have started deals early so you can get some good deals before November 27th.

Amazon usually offers good deals on Black Friday and any online store will usually offer some sales the day after Thanksgiving, just make sure you do your research and are actually getting a deal.

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